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Welcome to take another 5!

Where we guarantee to provide you with ways to cope and take charge of your daily life!

Are you tired of not having enough time to complete your tasks at home and at work? Are you finding that you simply do not have enough time to make your family’s favorite meals or that you simply have run out of ideas for recipes?

Are you finding that there is simply not enough time for you to visit the App Store to download those time saving apps or that you are having problems keeping up with your household chores; keeping your counters and dressers, bathrooms and laundry room clean?

In the midst of all of these daily dilemmas you yearn and dream to become your own boss and take charge of your life but you do not know how to do it all or that you simply do not have enough time to tackle this?

To add to your growing list of headaches you find yourself having to deal with scam emails and phone calls and then there are those who continue to bully you into doing things because they know only too well how much pressure that you are under and that it is easier for you to give in rather than take action?

Yes! your demanding kids, ringing phones, blaring horns, and demanding supervisors and customers! They are all responsible for your sleepless nights and stressful days! Let’s not forget those persistent text messages and emails that you keep ignoring because of not enough time to deal with them!

Here is where our podcast Take Another 5 comes in and we have solutions and strategies that can definitely help you!

Take another 5 is a weekly podcast that is guaranteed to provide you with time savers, problem poppers, and corner cutters. We will show you how to rid yourself of sleepless nights and stressful days and soon enough you will be able to enjoy quality time which you never thought that you could have.

No more having to deal with daily dilemmas, horrific headaches, and head scratchers and why is this? Because take another 5 will help you to reduce all of this plus a lot more!

Take another 5 is for the busy mom and housewife, the professional on the go, and the one seeking to take charge of their lives!

Let us show you how it works! Take advantage of our monthly care package and our bonuses!

Give us a chance to help you achieve what you can only dream of at the present time!

We welcome any feedback from you!

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