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About Me

Hello there!  My name is Donna Jill Jodhan and I am an author, audio mystery writer, blogger, entrepreneur, law student, and podcaster.

My mission is to help make a better future for our kids and my passion is to provide others with strategies to save time, cut corners, pop problems, and deal with daily dilemmas and head scratchers.  In short, to help others conquer sleepless nights and stressful days.

I have been an entrepreneur since  1998 and I have written books on how to discover niche and untapped markets, and hidden consumers.  I provide one on one coaching to potential entrepreneurs as well as mentoring.

Since 2010, I have written and recorded three seasons of audio mysteries along with a 12 days of Christmas box set and plans are in the works to write a series of 10 episodes titled “angels are around”, a second 12 days of Christmas box set, and a minute made mystery box set consisting of 30 minute mysteries.

All of my audio mysteries can be found at the Donna Jodhan Online Store 


I have also produced and hosted several dinner mystery evenings ranging from  murder mysteries to court room dramas.

I have also written several articles on how it works; answers to every day problems.

My personal blogs can be found on Blogspot

and my weekly weekend editorials can be found on the Sterling Creations Blog