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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Creating Through Cooking

Original Release: 9/19/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan - Creating Through Cooking - Author Donna Jodhan

As an author, I am constantly seeking ways to keep my creative juices constant and I recently discovered that cooking is one of the ways that I can do just that.

For me, it is so important to keep my creative juices fresh and refreshed. My mind needs to be constantly focused on new ideas and through cooking I can use my creative juices to come up with recipes of my own.

My creative cooking usually takes place on weekends. I usually put aside some quiet time to do this. I enter my kitchen and there I stand taking enough time to take stock of what is in my fridge and pantry. Then I get to work to use what I have at my disposal to start creating.

I never start creating with the assumption that my recipes will come out with good results. Instead I focus on being able to obtain and achieve new tastes and smells.

Sometimes I may have ideas in my mind before entering my kitchen and I would go out and buy the necessary ingredients before starting my creative session. Both methods bring me similar results; to maintain my creative equilibrium.

So why not go out there and try my suggestion?

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