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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
How Sleep Can Help To Revitalize

Original Release: 10/1/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: How Sleep Can Help To Revitalize - Author Donna Jodhan

I don't think that anyone would be surprised when I offer this tip to help you revitalize. I use this strategy all of the time; whenever I am tired, whenever I need some down time, whenever I am stressed, and so on.

You would be absolutely amazed to see how that little extra shut eye can help in so many ways. Picture this instance! You have had a long day. You are seated at your computer and you have a deadline to meet. You need to write something, make it very good, exciting, and inviting. You check the time and you realize to your chagrin that you have very few hours to work with.

Your palms begin to sweat! Your head begins to hurt! Everything begins to spin around and around in front of you! Sounds familiar?

My answer to all of this is that just a bit of sleep will work wonders for you. It need not be hours of sleep. Even just a few minutes would do the trick.

Give this a try! See how it works! It is just another very affective tool in your arsenal to help you revitalize.

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