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A Murder Mystery Evening - Halifax Nova Scotia Canada - May 24th 2014

Original Release: 8/8/2016
Photo of a Murder Mystery booklet sitting on a table with a magnifying glass over the words 'Murder Mystery' and three prop objects on the table next to the book, a wrench, a small dagger, and a small gun.

On May 24th 2014 Author Donna Jodhan, in conjunction with the Halifax Chapter of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, presented A Murder Mystery Evening titled "The Cell Phone Call." The cast was made up of members of the Halifax Chapter along with family and friends and it comprised both sighted as well as visually impaired members.

The mystery centered around a spoiled rich university student who was murdered at a crowded university Internet cafe as Valentine's Day merriment was taking place. No one really saw what took place and no one suspected anything until the victim's limp body was spotted slumped over a keyboard by one of the party goers.

The audience was kept guessing up until the end and even at that they were unable to correctly identify who did it. The evening was filled with lots of fun and entertainment and the celebration afterwards was even better.

This was Author Donna Jodhan's first Murder Mystery Evening, and she plans to stage many more.

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