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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Forcing The Forget Me Nots

Original Release: 10/10/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: Forcing The Forget Me Nots - Author Donna Jodhan

When it comes to being able to keep the writer's block away, there are several strategies that one can use but the one that best works for me is the one I call "The forget me nots." I'll tell you a bit about these.

Forget me nots are not just flowers to me; they are memories that I carefully stow away in my memory bank and then I come back to them to help me recharge and regenerate. My forget me nots are stored in several places. In my personal diaries, in archives of blogs and editorials, and of course; in the back stretches of my mind.

More often than not I can use these to help me create new writings. I use them as a base to develop new material and I use them to help me bring back certain facts for use in new things that I write.

Forget me nots can play a very important role in helping you to keep on going. You can use forget me nots to spark new imaginations. You can use them as fillers-in when your mind is in sleep mode so to speak. You can use them to bring back a memory and use it to finish off a thought that you previously negated to write down.

So why not go out there and try the forget me not strategy?

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