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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Techniques for Better Thinking

Original Release: 10/31/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: Techniques for Better Thinking - Author Donna Jodhan

I would offer this: When it comes to being able to think; there are techniques that work and techniques that do not. I do not believe that there is any one technique that will work for everyone. It comes through trial and error but for this month I am going to give you what works for me.

I start by finding a quiet spot in my home or I may try to find one in a park or even on the beach. Next I would sit there for a few minutes doing some breathing exercises. Then I start to allow my imagination to wonder and hopefully this will begin the process of better thinking for me. If this technique does not work for some reason then I go to my second technique; using soft music to help me think. This second technique also often works. I usually use soft classical music or even some soft easy going music.

If techniques 1 and 2 do not work for some reason then I have other techniques in my toolkit; cooking up a storm in my kitchen, or maybe going swimming, or even just taking a nap. I would say that each of these techniques has its own merits but for now my toolkit of techniques serves very well.

So why not give any one of these techniques a try? Happy thinking!

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