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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Using The Seasons

Original Release: 10/31/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: Using The Seasons - Author Donna Jodhan

You would be absolutely amazed to learn how you can use the four seasons to help you create and write masterpieces. Mother Nature sure has a way of helping us out whenever we need it and each season has its very own attributes and variables to help you do just that.

If we were to look at each season individually, we would easily see what I am trying to tell you.

Spring: Gentle rain, fresh breezes, chirping birds, fragrant flowers, swaying trees, green grass, and on it goes. If you were to think of any of these themes you could easily take any of them and start developing your canvas from here on. Any of these themes can be used to paint scenes in your mind.

Summer: Bright sunshine, blue skies, white puffy clouds, kids in the park, dogs running around. Again, themes that you can use to do almost anything; from creating scenes to titles for your story.

Fall: Wet leaves scattered about, trees all coloured in reds and oranges, cool biting winds, shorter days and longer nights, soaked and sodden grass. Very definite themes that can be used in any way you see fit.

Winter: Fresh fallen snow, crunching ice under foot, howling winds, gloomy sky. All of these themes belong to winter scenes and you can use them to paint pictures.

So you see, you can definitely use any of those four seasons to help you develop your story lines.

So use the seasons to help you create, develop, and imagine.

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