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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Listen and Learn

Original Release: 11/21/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: Listen and Learn - Author Donna Jodhan

For this month, I'd like to put forward the following suggestion: As an author I find that by listening and learning it sure helps me to generate ideas and in my world it's all about being able to listen and then learn from what I have listened to and then to generate the ideas from what I have learned.

First, I narrow down what I would like to listen to at the moment. It can be anything from listening to the babble of a brook, the gentle roll of the sea, the horns of cars, or even a documentary. Then I choose specifically what I want to zoom in on and then I go from there.

You may be saying to yourself then what really can you learn from listening to a brook or the sea? For me, the sounds of these two things teach me about the type of sounds they make as they go about their business and then I begin to develop my ideas and themes from them. For example: Just listening to the babble of a brook would help me to develop a scene in my mind and ditto from listening to the roll of the sea.

This is how I connect my dots when generating ideas.

Happy listening!

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