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A Dinner Mystery Evening
Toronto Ontario Canada
March 4th 2016

Original Release: 8/9/2016
Photo of a large Magnifying Glass examining a set of fingerprints next to the words Murder Mystery Night.

On March 4th 2016, Author Donna, in conjunction with the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), CNIB, and the Glenvale Players, presented one of the first of its kind! A dinner theatre evening at the CNIB's location at 1929 Bayview Ave.

This was an evening filled with lots of entertainment, fun, and above all, terrific audience participation and satisfaction.

Author Donna Jodhan wrote, produced, and directed an original play called "The Demise of Greedy Gumbo". She played the role of Judge Jill Jadestone and her cast included:

  1. Murray Powel - Chip Sanderson as Crimes Investigator.

  2. Kamini Rodhan - Marcia Estrada as the Bailiff.

  3. Orly Shamir - Maxine Davinier as Suspect 1.

  4. Thea Ramsay - Lucy Rebbering as Suspect 2.

  5. Simon Qiggaittuq - Byron Steel as Suspect 3.

The evening was completey sold out, the room filled to capacity and overflowing. It was kicked off with a sumptuous dinner followed by the play itself.

What made this evening unique was the high level of audience participation that was included. The audience was asked to give input into who they thought had committed the murder.

Six jurors were chosen at random from the audience but no one could have foreseen who the eventual killer was.

This Dinner Theatre Evening was a roaring success, and Author Donna looks forward to producing similar evenings.

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