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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Using Quiet Nights To Recharge

Original Release: 9/11/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan - Using Quiet Nights To Recharge - Author Donna Jodhan

You would be amazed to learn how this technique can help in so many ways. There is nothing better than using a quiet night to do such things as relax, recharge, and reformat.

A quiet night could be spent in so many ways. Anything from doing nothing to just sitting and reading a good book. Eating a quiet dinner alone or with your spouse. Sitting out in the backyard with a glass of one of your favorite drinks with your dog curled up next to your chair or your cat in your lap. Or just lying in bed enjoying the quietude.

The technique of using a quiet night to help you recharge is just that; a quiet night when all that matters is just you and your thoughts. You are able to shut out the world around you; ignoring the ring of your cell phone, the notification of emails, and everything else.

It has worked wonders for me and I urge you to try it some time soon.

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