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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
How Singing Birds Can Help To Sooth

Original Release: 9/11/2016
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan - How Singing Birds Can Help To Sooth - Author Donna Jodhan

You would be amazed to learn how singing birds can help to sooth your mind and in turn this is a great way to recharge and reformat your imagination.

I learned this technique about a year ago and whenever I am in need of a soothing session, I do either of two things.

If I am able to, I go outdoors and find a spot where the birds are congregating and then I sit there for at least 15 minutes and listen to their pure little voices as they chat among themselves. Or if it is in the dead of winter I play my CD of birds sounds.

We need to remember that the voices of birds are pure and when it comes to sounds you could not ask for anything purer and more authentic. I find this technique to be an extremely refreshing tonic.

It works like a charm so why not go out there and give it a try?

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