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How Does One Go About Choosing The Best Possible Career?

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In the general scheme of things, age does not matter when it comes to this question. It appears that everyone seems to be asking this question today. From the student about to graduate from high school, college, or university, to the one seeking a change in career and to the one who just retired. Males and females, old and young! Almost everyone wants to know how to choose the best possible career.

Some may tell you that you should base your choice on supply and demand of the job market. All well and good but you need to keep in mind that supply and demand are both often extremely difficult to predict because so many economic factors play a part in determining supply and demand of most if not all job markets.

Others may tell you that you should follow your dream. Not a bad idea but what if what you dream of becoming is not in demand? Or maybe you either do not have the skills or experience to fulfill your dream?

Then there are those who would tell you that you should choose your career based on what you are good at. Again, not a bad piece of logic but what about the good old demand and supply factors?

It is safe to say that no industry is really full proof when it comes to offering careers that are safe from layoffs and downsizings. You need to recognize this off the bat and when you do then you next need to focus on understanding that throughout your working life, you will probably have several careers.

So back to the question at hand: How does one go about choosing the best possible career? There is no hard and fast answer to this based on what you have just been told. It would probably be better to ask this question instead:

How does one go about choosing the career that best suits their needs? You need to keep these facts in mind as you go about your search for your best possible career/careers:

  1. Keep a close eye on job market trends and do an analysis for the last 10 years.

  2. Analyze what some of the leading industries have been doing for the same length of time; hiring and down sizing.

  3. Use these stats to help you discover what some of the leading careers are and what they could be for the immediate future.

  4. Use the Internet to help you develop trends in leading careers.

  5. Try matching the leading careers against your dreams, desires, experience, and skills.

  6. You can build your bank skills in two ways. Through paid jobs and through volunteering. Believe it or not; volunteering is a fabulous way for you to build your skills and experience.

  7. Finally, build a social media presence through such channels as having your own website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Remember now; social media is great but you need to be careful to ensure that you really portray the image that you want the rest of the world to see. More and more, employers are using social media to evaluate future employees and for better or for worse, you are being judged by friends and associates based on your social media presence.

  8. One last parting piece of advice. No career is safe! Careers are not static! They are like moving targets!
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