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How Do I Choose The Ideal Piece Of Jewelry For My Wife Or Girlfriend?

Photo of a very happy man and woman standing in front of a jewelry counter in a department store. The man is holding the box for a ring that the woman is trying on.

When is the last time you went shopping for a piece of precious jewelery for your wife or girlfriend? Sure, you started out with the best of intentions; that being to find the prettiest and loveliest piece of jewelery that would do the trick for you but alas! You soon found yourself not quite knowing what to buy her.

When you first started out your objective was to buy her what you thought would really sweep her off her feet but as you went from jewelery store to jewelery store, and from jewelery case to jewelery case, you realized that you really did not know what to get her.

Everything looked so pretty to you. Each clerk kept trying to convince you that theirs was just the right piece of jewelery for you to give to your sweetheart but then! All you knew was that you wanted your choice to be her choice. That your purchase would be the surprise of all surprises and that when you presented it to her she would absolutely melt in your arms!

Believe it or not, there are certain strategies to help you avoid these headaches and when you read on you'll see how easy it can all be. Here are a few hints to get you started on the right track.

  1. First, identify why you wish to buy this piece of jewelery. Is it for her birthday or wedding anniversary? Some sort of special occasion? Or to impress her or to show your appreciation?

  2. Do your research and make sure you know what she likes. Believe it or not, some ladies may not even really like jewelery and if this is the case you should not proceed with your purchase.

  3. With regard to what your sweetheart may prefer; be sure to know what it is before you go jewelery shopping. Some ladies may prefer certain pieces over others. Example, bracelets over necklaces or rings over earrings. Or it could be pendants over any of the above.

  4. You also need to check out her favorite types and colors. Some ladies may prefer gold over silver, jade over pearls, diamnonds over safires, or some other type of stone. Then if you break this down further, some may prefer lighter jade over darker jade and white pearls over black, pink, or purple. White gold over yellow gold or white diamonds over blue diamonds.

  5. Some ladies may prefer larger pieces over smaller pieces. other ladies may prefer to mix and match their jewelery. While others may prefer the simpler and more traditional types of jewelery. Your job is to find the answers to the above. IE, her preferances.

  6. Your success will not only depend on being able to choose just the right type of jewelery piece for her; you also need to be able to surprise her in the most unique way that you could possibly think of.

This is the finishing touch to a successful shopping trip. Almost every lady loves nothing more than being surprised and your reward is to see the smile on her face when you succeed in surprising her!

Here are a few resources to start you off.

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