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How Do We Beat Bullying?

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If you think that bullying cannot be beaten then you are very wrong. Yes indeed! Bullying can be beaten and this is the first thing that you need to know when facing bullying head on.

However, there are some other things that you need to know; what is the meaning of being bullied, types of bullies, who is the bully, where does bullying generally take place, some of the bully's typical victims, and how to combat bullying.

We are going to give you some powerful checklists for each of these points and we guarantee that after reading this article you'll be better able to deal with bullying.Just remember now: A bully can be of any age; from two to ninety-two and a bully can practically be anyone.

What is the meaning of being bullied? Here are some typical examples:

  • When someone raises their voice at you during an argument or discussion.

  • When someone demands something from you.

  • When someone slaps you or is physically aggressive towards you.

  • When someone threatens you either verbally or physically.

  • When someone taunts or teases you.

  • When someone takes something from you that is yours without your consent.

  • When someone takes something from you that is yours without your consent.

  • When someone removes something from your property without your consent.

Types of bullies. Some typical examples include:

  • The family bully.

  • The home bully.

  • The cyber bully.

  • The email bully.

  • The social media bully.

  • The classroom bully.

  • The playground bully.

  • The school yard bully.

  • The lunchtime bully.

  • The social bully.

  • The locker room bully.

  • The workplace bully.

  • The office bully.

Who's the bully?

Your typical bully could be anyone ranging from the youngest to the oldest and here are some examples:

  • The child who screams to get their way in day care.
  • The grade school kid who takes away another kid's lunch.
  • The high school kid who yells at his team mates.
  • The parent who yells and/or is physically abusive towards their kid.
  • The teacher who is both verbally and/or physically abusive to their students.
  • The employee with a loud mouth.
  • The nurse or care giver who abuses their patient.
  • The overly aggressive banker or sales person.

Where does bullying generally take place?

Bullying usually starts in the home and from there it mushrooms to other places.It is very important to keep in mind that bullying can happen in the following ways:

  • Face to face.

  • Via phone.

  • Via Email.

  • Online or through social media.

Here are some typical places where bullying can usually be found:

  • In the home.

  • In the classroom.

  • In the playground.

  • On the sports field.

  • In the locker room.

  • In the workplace.

  • At a function.

  • In a bar.

  • In a gym.

  • On the street.
Typical victims of a bully may include:
  • Someone who is shy or timid.

  • Someone who is small in size for their age.

  • Someone with either a physical or mental disability.

  • Someone with a vision disability.

  • An elderly person.

  • A female.

  • Someone who may be suffering from a facial affliction such as acne or scarring.

How to Combat Bullying:

You may think that one of the best ways would be to retaliate against the person who is bullying you but there are other ways and here are some examples:

  • Report your bully to teachers, parents, care givers, and those in authority.

  • Walk away.

  • Do not respond to online taunts.

If your bullying is coming from online or through social media and you are not quite sure who your bully is then report it anyway to someone in authority; parents, teachers, even the police. Do not respond.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

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