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How Do I Know When My Child Is Being Bullied?

Photo of a mother sitting on the porch steps consoling her young son who appears to be sad.

If you are a parent with kids then this article is definitely for you.How many times have you found yourself literally pulling out your hair or crying yourself to sleep because one of your kids came home drenched in buckets of tears? Or even more frustrating, they came home and ran straight to their room slamming the door shut behind them refusing to talk to you or anyone else.

You try talking to them after the dust has settled but at the end of it all you were no further ahead. That is, your kid either refused to tell you what was going on or even worse they blew up at you and the whole affair ended up with you and your kid getting into an unpleasant fight.

You are left stunned and by the time you figure it out then guess what? Your kid is a victim of bullying and now you have to help them conquer the bully. We are going to give you some proven techniques to help you circumvent and prevent much of this type of common problem among kids and we guarantee that after reading this article, both you and your kids will be well on the road to a better and healthier life.

Important note: Your kid is never too old to be a victim of bullying; from as early as the toddler to as old as the teen.

First off, a short checklist for you to ponder when considering the unpleasant possibility that your kid may be indeed a victim of bullying. Here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Does your kid show any outward signs of anxiety?

  • Signs of anger or unprovoked outbursts?

  • Do they seem hesitant to want to eat?

  • Do they have a tendency to want to keep to themselves?

  • Are they jumpy around other kids?

  • Do they cower if you or someone else raises their voice at them?

  • Do you find that they have a tendency to wet their beds while they are asleep at night?

  • Do they wake up at night during the course of a nightmare and call out to you for help?

Next, here is a checklist of who your kid's bully could be:

  • Their playmate.

  • Their class mate.

  • Their lunchtime buddy.

  • Their team mate.

  • One of their social friends.

  • Their teacher.

  • Their coach.

  • An older kid.

  • Their principle.

  • Some other staff member.

  • An older person.

  • A family member.

Finally, some suggestions as to how you can help your kid to beat bullying. These suggestions will help you to learn more about who your kid really is, their likes and dislikes.

  1. Make sure that you talk to your kid constantly and try to find out as much as possible about what goes on in the classroom, in the playground, after school, and during social time with other friends and family members.

  2. Stay in constant contact with their teachers.

  3. Keep a close eye on their homework habits.

  4. Keep a close eye on their scholastic records.The minute you see that their marks are starting to slip you need to find out why.

  5. Do the same for their online activities.

  6. Monitor what they watch on TV.

  7. Learn as much as you can about who they hang out with.

  8. Keep a close eye on the types of books they read.Reading books that contain content that promotes and describes violence is often an indicator that your kid is being bullied.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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How do you know if your child is being bullied?

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