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How Do I Choose The Best Pair Of Shoes?

Photo of a large, beautiful shoe store.

Choosing the best pair of shoes is probably one of the most tedious and difficult tasks for anyone at the best of times. How many times have you gone shopping for shoes to return home empty-handed and why?

Maybe you could not find what you were looking for or maybe and just maybe you could not find anything suitable? Or maybe the shoes you liked could not fit you?

This article is for the one who continues to experience shoe shopping woes; it does not matter who you are. From the woman to the man and from the parent to the child. We are going to give you some very important tips to help you.

We guarantee that our tips will definitely help you on your next shoe shopping trip and that you will return home smiling and satisfied.

The first thing to know is this:

The best time of the day to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon and why? According to the shoe experts this is the time of the day when your feet are most relaxed but there are other very important factors for you to keep in mind and here they are.

  1. Never go shoe shopping first thing in the morning. This is the time of the day when your feet could be at their smallest size and at their largest size for the last thing of the day. In short, do not go shopping first or last thing of the day.

  2. The last thing of the day often finds your feet tired, clammy, swollen, itchy, and you are not in the best of moods to try on shoes. Accordingly, you are not in the best frame of mind to shop for shoes or anything else.

  3. Your feet need to be totally relaxed and ready to slip nicely and easily into a new pair of shoes.

  4. It does not help to go shoe shopping when your feet are either swollen or are not at their regular size. This can only create more problems for you; giving you a false indicator of your true shoe's size.

  5. It is best to try on shoes with stockings if you are a lady or socks if you are a man.

  6. For a man, the texture of your socks plays a vital part in how your new shoes will fit. If your socks are too thick then of course! You will need to stick your feet into a larger pair of shoes and if your pair of socks is too thin then your shoes will fit slacker on your feet.

  7. Do not powder your toes before trying on shoes. This will only give you a false indicator of a potential size.

  8. Make sure to walk around in your potentially new shoes in the store before deciding to purchase them. Walk around on the carpet and on the bare floor of the store. This will give you an indication for the feel of the shoes.

  9. Pay close attention to the following:

    • The tip of the shoe must not feel too tight.

    • You must be able to fit your index finger between your heel and the inside of the back of the shoe without having it feel too tight.

    • Your toes must not feel too tight or squished.

    • Wiggle your toes around in your shoes.

    • Make sure that you carry out these checks for both feet.

  10. Remember now: one foot is always going to be a wee bit bigger than the other; one shoe will always be slightly bigger than the other.

  11. Finally, your shoe size may vary from style to style depending on where the shoes are made. Example: Shoes in the US fit differently to those made in Brazil or Italy or China.

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