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How Can Sending Floral Arrangements Benefit Me In A Big Way?

Photo of the front of a Flower Shop with the word 'Flowers' in neon in the window lit up just above rows and rows of flower arrangements.

How many times have you found yourself having to send off a floral arrangement to someone and you are not sure what type of arrangement to send? Chances are that 99 percent of the time you leave it up to the flower shop to make the choice with not much input from you and at the end of the day you have no idea what was sent on your behalf!

Accordingly, you are never sure if the right type of floral arrangement was sent let alone to know whether or not the recipient of your flowers loved them or not. Sure, it is always going to be easier to have the flower shop do the choosing for you but what if we were to help you find a quick and easy way to do it all yourself and in so doing you can benefit from this in a huge way?

It is all about learning how to use floral arrangements to help you win friends, cement friendships, and increase your popularity in a big way! We guarantee that after reading this article you will have a proven strategy to help you reap countless benefits in your social circle and way beyond.

We will provide you with tips and tricks to push you way ahead of your competition but not only that! This will be a unique way for you to use and the results will be almost instantaneous!

Important note: The experts will tell you that over 95 percent of persons welcome floral arrangements when they are sent and that floral arrangements are one of the safest gifts to send. In addition, they never go out of style as far as gifts go.

First off, occasions on which to send floral arrangements and this list will contain several instances that you may not be thinking of:

  1. Common occasions include:

    • Birthdays

    • Anniversaries

    • Valentine's Day

    • Christmas

    • Easter

    • Loss of a loved one

  2. Other types of occasions:

    • Congratulations on a job well done.

    • On the birth of a baby.

    • Congratulations on being promoted.

    • To cheer someone up when something goes wrong.

    • Thinking of you at a difficult time.

    • In support of someone when they receive bad news.

  3. You can use floral arrangements to do the following:

    • To express your best wishes.

    • To express your gratitude.

    • To express your sympathies.

    • To express your congratulations.

  4. You can certainly give guidance and instructions to your flower shop when they are preparing to send out your floral arrangements and here are some tips:

    • Size

    • Shape

    • Type (arrangement, bouquet, center piece, sprig, vase, or basket.)

    • Colors (seasonal or favorite color of the recipient).

  5. The type of card and greeting:

    • Size of card.

    • A standard card from the flower shop (with standard words) or your own words.

  6. Finally some tips that are guaranteed to help you obtain success and here they are:

    • First, make every attempt to visit the flower shop in person so that you can see what is being sent on your behalf.

    • Second, pay close attention to the words you write on your greeting card.

    • Third, if you can afford it, it goes a long way if you can add something like a small box of chocolates, or make your arrangement a combination of flowers and fruits or flowers and other goodies. Just take care not to overload your floral gift.

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