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How Do I Choose The Right Perfume?

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Believe it or not, there is definitely a technique to choosing the right type of perfume and no! You just don't go out there and buy a bottle of perfume based on what you yourself would like someone to give to you.

There is a definite strategy involved and after reading this article we guarantee that you can become a guru in choosing the right type of perfume to help you win friends and increase your influence in your social circle.

Use these tips to help you get ahead and remember! These tips are only good as long as you understand how to use them.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that you need to know when to buy a bottle of perfume and for whom because trust us when we tell you that buying perfume for someone at the wrong time can certainly break friendships and relationships in a big hurry.

So then; who do you buy for and when? You buy for your spouses, partners, kids, siblings, and very close friends.

When do you buy perfume? Normally; for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas time, and as special gifts.

It is very important to note that you should never buy perfume for someone who does not like it or uses it and that you know who to buy it for. In addition, you know which occasion to buy it for because if you make one tiny slip and buy it for the wrong occasion; you will quickly learn your error and this can easily lead to the damaging of a relationship.

Here are some other tips to get you started:

First: When it comes to fragrances, men have definite preferences or favorite smells as opposed to women.

Next: It is the man who buys perfumes for the lady and visa versa. Men normally do not give gifts of perfumes to other men but of course there are exceptions depending on the type of relationship. However, ladies can normally buy perfumes for each other.

Next: The age of the person that you are buying the perfume for certainly matters. Younger people normally prefer a more vibrant, louder, and vivacious fragrance to their older counterparts who generally prefer a more subdued, mild, and lighter scent. In short, strong versus somewhat faint.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and here is where you need some assistance as to how to go about discovering which is the best type of perfume to purchase.

You need to determine if the recipient of your perfume prefers a fruitlike smell as opposed to a flowery smell. A fresh scent versus a musk scent. Do they have a preference for plain bottles as apposed to fancy bottles? Do they have a preference for where the perfume is made? That is; French perfume versus something else?

Then there is more! You need to determine how often does your intended recipient use their perfume. On which types of occasions; at functions, at work, after a shower or bath, before bedtime, and so on.

You see, there is a definite strategy when it comes to buying perfumes. One of the worse things that anyone can do is to buy perfume for someone who does not use it. Another thing to watch for is the size of bottle that you buy. It is always best to buy a small to medium sized bottle. There is nothing worse than buying a large bottle of perfume for someone who either does not use it or ends up not liking what you have bought for them. These are two very quick ways to wreck a relationship.

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