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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Using The Sounds of the Beach to Help Recharge

Original Release: 8/1/2017
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: Using The Sounds of the Beach to Help Recharge - Author Donna Jodhan

I have to admit that this strategy is probably one of my very favorites and truth be told it is probably one of the most affective for me. You see, it involves almost all of my senses being wakened up and given a kick start.

So let's start with the sense of smell! Ah yes! The sweet smell of the sea air! Crisp, cool, and fresh! The smell of everything fresh around me and this sure gets my imagination going!

Then there is the sense of feel! Cool breezes brushing gently against me and ruffling my hair! The feel of soft cool sand between my toes, under my feet, and drizzling through my fingers as I pick up hands full at a time and play with it!

Then we go to the sense of hearing! Ah yes! Just listening to those waves as they roll gently ashore! Birds singing, breezes blowing through the trees, boats blowing their horns out at sea, dogs playing and barking on the beach, and others like me simply chatting softly with their friends and family!

Of course we must not forget the sense of touch! My creativity simply spirals upwards whenever I can touch the sand, touch the warm sea water, and so much more. The senses of touch and feel are so closely intertwined. Some may argue that my sense of feel is actually the sense of touch and that's very okay.

I invite you to just go out there and try this strategy if you can find a beach!

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