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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Using Your Favorite Music to Help Put You In The Mood

Original Release: 9/1/2017
Tips from Author Donna Jodhan: Using Your Favorite Music to Help Put You In The Mood - Author Donna Jodhan

I stumbled across this nifty little stimulator purely by accident some time ago while I was sitting quietly one day listening to some of my favorite music and before I knew it I found myself relaxing just enough to allow my mind to start wondering and allowing the thoughts to start chasing each other.

At first it was the melody that caught my attention and this was quickly followed by the words and then the artist. Then soon enough all three variables were combining to help me get into the creative mood.

I have continued to use this strategy over the years and from time to time it is the one that I would fall back on whenever I find myself in a bit of a crunch or tight corner. The beauty of this strategy is that you can use it any time of the day, during any season, and in any location when you are listening to your favorite music.

Favorite melodies often spark memories and favorite or meaningful words often unravel mental blocks. The voice of the artist often wakes up those creative juices.

I encourage you to try this strategy. Give it a wee bit of time to settle in and you would be amazed to see how it can work wonders for you. If one of the three variables mentioned above does not work then for sure one of the others will work.

Good luck now!

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