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What Should I Be Considering When Looking For A Retirement Home For My Elderly Parents?

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At the end of the day, we all want the very best for our elderly parents who have given so much to us throughout their lives. They have sacrificed so much for us and even for our kid; their grand kids. They have given selflessly of themselves all of their lives and now they are ready to retire to a home where they hope to enjoy the fruits of their labor and to spend the rest of their lives in relative comfort.

You have some idea as to what type of home you are seeking for your elderly parents; one that is relatively comfortable, clean, is able to attend to the needs of your parents, and one where meals are healthy and medical services are readily available.

However, you want to make sure that you cover all of the bases and ask all of the right questions before making the final decision.

Your parents are depending heavily on you to make the right decision; their welfare is in your hands so to speak and now it is time for you to do your best for them. The following is a list to give you a good start in your decision making process.

1. Proximity - Proximity of the seniors home that you are considering should be taken into account. It would help if the home you choose for your parents could be as close as possible to where you live or if not, close enough to where they are presently living in order to keep them in a familiar surrounding. It is important to have them relocate close to family and friends and to somewhere where they can have reference points. IE that they can relate where they live to a familiar mall, grocery store, etc.

2. Clean and comfortable - You should give very high consideration to the cleanliness of the home that you are considering as well as to the comfort amenities that it can offer to your parents. IE, the type of room; spaciousness, decor, lighting, and furniture in the room. It would not hurt if you are able to bring some of your parents' furniture to their new room. It is all about maintaining familiarity.

3. Types of common areas - Here, you should consider such things as: Does the home that you are considering have pleasant common areas such as lounges, living or TV rooms, outdoor gardens and grounds, and other facilities where your parents can socialize with other residents. It is all about maintaining socialization.

4. Health care and medical services - It is very important to ensure that your parents can have access to readily available medical services and that their medical needs will be met. It is all about ensuring that they will have on call access to medical services in case of any emergency and that the staff at the home are adequately qualified and trained.

5. Several visits to the home before the final decision is made - Never make the final decision until you and your parents have visited the home and make multiple visits to ensure that you and your parents are comfortable with what you see and hear at the intended home. Make visits at different times of the day, chat with as many of the staff as you can, and go the extra mile to chat with other residents of the home if possible.

Ask staff about the services that are being offered and chat with residents to ascertain their thoughts about life at the home. Get your parents involved in these activities as much as possible.

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