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How Does One Find The Best Family Physician?

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Being able to find the best family physician for you and your family is very important when it comes to looking after the health and medical welfare of you and your family. The family physician is almost always the first person that you will interact with when it comes to looking after your medical welfare. They are usually the first person in the health system and the one who will refer you to specialists and hospitals whenever needed.

It is important to be able to develop and maintain a warm and friendly relationship between you and your family physician and if you have kids that they like their family physician.

There will not always be that opportunity to have that type of relationship but the strategy here is for you to do your best to have that type of relationship and if you are unable to do so then you need to look for another family physician.

Human nature as it is; there are bound to be glitches at times in relationships between family physicians and their patients and rest assured that on the part of a family physician they too frequently have to deal with patients with whom a warm and friendly relationship is hard to maintain.

So back to the question at hand; how does one find the best family physician?

Here are a few hints for you to get started with:

  1. Make a list of family physicians in your immediate area.

  2. Use the Internet to discover more about your choices. Which would include: gender, age, qualifications, years of experience, university credentials, and anything else that you can discover.

  3. Take the time to visit those that you have chosen. It is not really a good idea to choose the first family physician that you visit. Best to choose two or three family physicians, visit each, and then make your decision. In addition, take your family along for the visit as you should include them in the decision making process.

  4. The needs of a single person are different from those of a couple and those of a family. In addition, age definitely plays a part when it comes to choosing the right family physician. The medical needs of a senior are different from the medical needs of a younger person.

Finally, here are some variables that are widely used when making a decision as to how to choose the best family physician. You can use these in your decision making process. Proximity, gender, age, friendliness, years of experience, qualifications.

Length of time it takes to get an appointment, does the family physician have their own office or share one with other family physicians, hours of availability, does the family spend enough time with their patients.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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