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Looking Back Over The Years
#5 For The Kids

Original Release: 12/15/2019

Beach ball, flip-flops, sunglasses and snorkel on the sand. Ocean in the background. Summer concept.

My mission has always been to ensure that whatever I set out to do; it would be beneficial to our kids of the future. That they would enjoy much more than what is depicted in the photo. That they would be able to enjoy a better future than us.

This is where advocacy is so very important! Through our blogs, our articles, newsletters, and so much more!

That they would have that glorious opportunity to all be able to be just Children; growing up a in a kid's world that they are entitled to! It is their right and not a nice to have!

In the words of the song Bless the beasts and the children sung by the Carpenters among others; "They have no voice! They have no choice!"

This is my life's mission! For our kids!

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