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Take Another 5 Season 2 Episode 2

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Take another 5 season 2 episode 2

Show notes


In this section Donna announces that this is the second podcast, for season 2, and spoke about the launch of season 2 in the previous week.
Donna also congratulates all of her audience in giving feedback to make the show a smashing success, and of how happy she was with all the overwhelming comments of episode 1 for the second season of Take Another5.
Donna once again gives thanks to her audience in helping her make the show an amazing success and thanks her audience with all the suggested changes to the new season.

donna introduces herself describing her amazing talents as a blogger, author, audio mystery writer, advocate , and law student living in Toronto.

Donna then describes her passion in bringing the show to her audience.
Donna describes the show as being a cutting corner which promises her audience to help us manage the every day life stress, from demanding bosses to constant text messages, and every day annoyances such as blaring horns and busy life styles.

Donna then describes how the show is going to help her audience in the following five sections.

Section 1, kitchen corner

for the busy mom, house wife, and professional on the go.

Section 2, technology section

for the one who needs technology to cut corners.

Section 3, time savers and problem poppers

designed to help you save time for tasks in the home.

Section 4, In the end zone with The entrepreneur

meant for you to realize your dream in becoming your own boss.

Section 5, Staying ahead of scams and bullies

meant to help you to prevents scams, and to stop the bullying, and the bullies.

Donna gives thanks to her producer Mike Ciarciello, and Mike Babcoc, in charge of Marketing.

Donna ends off the introduction section by asking her audience the following question and brain teaser:
“what is your favorite breed of dog?”

Segment 1 Kitchen corner

Donna starts off this segment by thanking her food provider “Mamma peach.”

Donna describes this section as a corner cutter in the kitchen, and informs her audience on how any one can become a star in their own kitchen.

Donna informs her audience that this section has two recipes, including a bonus recipe making up the two recipes.

She informs her audience that the bonus recipe can be found at

This weeks recipe is all about the Chili’s category.

She describes how to make black and white chili.


  • non stick cooking spray.
  • 1 pound of chicken tenders cut up in to
    three quarter inch pieces
  • one cup of coarsely chopped onion
  • one can 12 to 15 ounce of great northern beans drained
  • One can 12 to 15 ounce of black beans drained
  • One can 14 ounces of Mexican styled stewed tomatoes, not drained
  • 2 table spoons of Texas style chili powder seasoning mix


  1. Spray the large skillet with your cooking spray
  2. Heat over medium heat
  3. Add your chicken and onion, cook and stir for about 5 minutes or until the chicken is brown
  4. Combine your chicken mixture your beans your tomatoes chili seasoning in a crock pot
  5. Cover the crock pot and cook for 4 and a half hours

A suggestion from donna is to cook this meal with either pasta or rice.

Donna informs her audience that she recently tried this recipe and she informs them how much she loved it. This recipe makes 6 servings.

The bonus recipe is under the breakfast and bred bonanza.
The recipe is “beef and cheddar quiche.”
To take a look at this recipe visit

Segment 2 Take another 5 with technology

Donna introduces her audience to this section letting them know that this section is all about technology.
In this week’s pod cast donna introduces her audience to an app called “B G Word maze app”.
Donna informs her audience that if you are in search for a new word game app, then this app is for you. The app caters to both those who are totally blind, and or visually impaired.
Donna informs her audience that this app can be downloaded from the app store, and is a must have app to download as its totally free.
To learn more about the app go to

Segment 3 Time Savers and Problem poppers

Donna welcomes her audience to segment 3, and hopes that her audience is enjoying the pod cast so far. Donna introduces this segment as Time saver Poppers.

She informs her audiences that this segment is all about her audience taking advantage of what she has to say in this section which is informed to her audience later on.

Donna informs us that if her audience is interested in looking at the web site for this section you can go to

Donna informs her audience that they can have the article discussed in this section emailed to them.

Donna asks her audience the following question:

“What do you really know about chemicals in food packaging?”
Donna informs her audience that there is lots to learn on this subject, and encourages her interested audiences go to the following website:

Segment 4 In the end zone with the entrepreneur

In this segment Donna talks about how she has been a successful entrepreneur since 2000.

In this weeks episode Donna talks about starting a plant care business.

Before she goes on to talk about what you need to do to start the business, Donna asks her audience the following questions:

  • Do you like to take care of plants?
  • do you like being with plants?

If that’s the case then Donna informs her audience that this is the business for you.

In order for this business Donna informs her audience that you need to advertise to small business companies to start with.

Donna informs her audience that they need to offer services like providing services to decorate and enhance small offices including grooming plants on a regular bases.

Donna informs her audience that you can also offer to maintain the plants, and decorate with new plants. Donna informs her audience that you can offer suggestions to improvements, and you can provide these plants when making the suggestions.
In addition Donna informs her audience that you can offer to rent the plants to offices, however one needs to have a good supply of plants from your own garden or suppliers.

To learn more about this business visit

Donna informs her audience that if anyone goes to visit the site on this section that she will give 10 minutes of her time as a free consultation, and will answer any questions on this topic.

segment 5 Bullies and scams

Donna introduces this section, and hopes her audience is enjoying the pod cast so far.

Donna informs her audiences that this section is all about staying ahead of bullies and scams.
Donna informs us that this week’s scam is all about you the audience being informed that your online account has been closed.

You will receive an email from your bank account, pay-pal account, amazon account, or from a telecommunications company.

You are asked to log in to the link provided to you in the email message, and asked to update your account.

Donna informs her audience to ignore this message, and delete immediately. Donna informs her audience that no company in their right mind would ever send you such a message. She goes on to tell her audience that if you mistakenly open up the link, and act, that you the audience will be in deep trouble as the sender of the email will capture all of your personal information.

In part two of this segment Donna talks about building awareness about bullies and bullying.

She talks about when an older sibling demands something from the younger sibling, such as toys, money, and or an i device, that this action can be considered bullying. This is because the older sibling is using age to bully the younger sibling. Donna informs her audience that the quicker you recognize that this is happening the better you can stop the bullying.

This brings us to the end of this week’s pod cast.

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