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Take Another 5 Season 2 Episode 4

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What’s your favorite hour of the day? Do you enjoy spending time in the morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea enjoying some minutes of peace and quiet before your busy day begins? Do you like to take a long lunch so you can “people” watch at your local park? Or are you the night owl who likes to stay up to the wee hours of the night? Whatever your favorite hour of the day may be, make sure to set aside a little time to listen to Take Another 5 with Donna J. Jodhan!

Kitchen Corner

For the busy mom, housewife or professional who needs a little inspiration in the kitchen.
Recipes come from Mama Peach

This week’s recipe comes from the Appetizers section and is quite scrumptious.

Cheese Stuffed Peppers:


  • 1 24ounce jar of whole, mild banana peppers, drained
  • 12ounces of cream cheese, softened
  • 1 6ounce package of sliced dry salami


  1. Cut stems from peppers and remove seeds.
  2. Slice horizontally if needed to remove all seeds.
    Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Fill each pepper with cream cheese and then wrap pepper in a slice of salami.
  4. Secure with a dab of cream cheese or a toothpick.

This makes 8 stuffed peppers or cut into thirds for a total of 24.

*Bonus Recipe* From Sensible Soups and Stews: Chilled Melon Soup

Accessible Technology- Accessible apps that can help you cut corners, enhance your daily productivity or just help you have a little fun!

Taking a trip? Check out this week’s accessible app.

Flight View Elite-Real Time Flight Tracker. $3.99 (US) Flight tracking app from the leaders in real-time flight information. Track upcoming and in-air flights, and receive status alerts via push notification. View Arrivals and Departures Boards for top airports. Check gate assignments, delays and cancellations and use the attractive flight map to see a flight’s progress.

There are two other versions of this app, Flight View Free and Flight View (.99 cents US); however, the Elite version is more accessible for VoiceOver users.

Time Savers & Problem Poppers- Strategies, solutions and tips to help lessen your stress with daily tasks.

Ten Ways to Winterize Your Home:
Spring might be right around the corner but this snippet of tips from “10 Ways to Winterize Your Home,” will help you be ready for when winter returns. Here’s just a few highlights to get you started.

  • Clean your gutters.
  • Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things in regard to winterizing your home. If your gutters are not regularly cleaned then water can over flow and damage the foundation and walls behind the gutters of your home.

  • Drafty Windows.
  • Check to see if you have drafts coming from your closed windows. It might be necessary to caulk them between the trim and frame.

  • Door Barriers.

Here’s a very simple and cost effective way to keep drafts from entering your home through exterior doors. Place a blanket or towel at the bottom of the door. It may not look very pretty but it will keep your energy costs down.

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Inside the End Zone With The Entrepreneur- Discover and realize your dreams so that you can become your own boss.

Starting Your Own House Cleaning Business:

  • Your clientele will be busy professionals, parents, the disabled and elderly or for those who just don’t have the time to clean their home.
  • Offer to provide cleaning services after hours, on weekends or to help clean up after parties and special events.
  • Offer discounts and specials for referrals.
  • Get the word out via social media, flyers, advertisements or just plain word of mouth.

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Scams, Bullies & Bullying- Stay ahead of those pesky scams and learn to deal with bullies and bullying.

Note: There are two sections in this segment.

Scam Of The Week:

Warning! Warning! Need a vacation? We all need one but don’t be scammed by accepting a phone call that says you have won an airline ticket to paradise! Don’t be fooled by providing this automated call with your pertinent information. Simply just hang up the phone! Take that vacation the old-fashioned way, save your pennies and call a travel agent!

Don’t Bully Your Teacher:

It’s wrong for teachers to yell at their students but it’s even worse for students to do the same thing to their teachers. It’s a form of bullying and shouldn’t be tolerated. Teachers need to be respected like all other authority figures.

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